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Agri Planet invites you to explore a sector that has experienced these last 20 years a profound change as a result of the globalization of the market and increased competition. If the wines of the New World, now strongly established, have played an important role in world trade, we are already seeing the emergence of new producing countries.

Our services are aimed to all the actors of the wine industry regardless of size (producers, researchers, companies, wineries, shops, equipment manufacturers ...). The objective is to multiply exchanges, to study and to enhance the know-how and to allow a better development of your activity. As trends in the sector, but also in terms of consumption modes and patterns always reveal of new high potential markets.

Soil management, fertilization of the vine, methods of management, irrigation, research (cloning, varietal improvement ...), new precision technologies, not to mention all stages of the transformation or marketing ... the themes to be approached are numerous in order to understand a market as sensitive as exciting.

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